Thousands of organ transplant recipients are alive and well today after once being told that they only had months to live. To the average person, detached from personal contact with an organ recipient, transplant surgery hold the mystic quality of a miracle cure. It is undeniable a miraculous advance in medicine. For those who have endured the seemingly endless wait and have finally undergone surgery, transplantation is indeed a chance for a new life after years of illness. In many cases however, this new life brings with it a set of new problems. Transplantation does not mean an easy return to normal life. Organ transplant recipients face lives that can be difficult psychologically, socially and financially. They must take medication daily, regulate diet and weight carefully and remain constantly aware of possible infection. In addition to these physical concerns, they must deal with the high costs associated with organ transplantation. Because of their experiences, people who have had transplant surgery share a special bond of understanding and inner support; the same union one might find amongst soldiers who fought the same war and in many ways are still fighting it.

TSL (Transplants Save Lives) is a not-for-profit organization primarily serving residents of Rockland and Orange Counties in New York. TSL brings recipients, candidates, living donors and their families together to help them cope with their ongoing personal and psychological needs. TSL delivers a structure for support and education and provides a focus on donor awareness programs within the community.

Monthly meetings are held at which speakers provide current information about transplant related topics, and participants have an opportunity to network with others who have had similar experiences. Recipients who have undergone transplant surgery provide one-on-one counseling and can offer a special understanding for candidates and other recipients.

TSL works closely with Directors of Organ Transplantation at local hospitals, organ procurement groups, pharmaceutical companies and other not-for-profit organizations with a similar mission to provide speakers, information and events that will encourage organ and tissue donation. We actively work to develop opportunities for our members to share the joy of new life by bonding together and reaching out to others.