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Another Reason Why Using Recruiters Helps Organ Transplant

With what's now being called "The Great Resignation" of 2021, employers within the world of organ transplant are finding it harder to find good talent quickly. While we of course believe you should be using us to help fill those all important vacant transplant surgeon positions, or your occasional open liver transplant manager job, more times than not hospitals & businesses feel they can do it alone. Drive through any street, business district or even a stroll through your local downtown is enough to reveal just how desperate companies are to hire right now. "Help Wanted" signs line nearly every shop window, and the media is full of stories of companies practically giving "giving away the farm" to attract talent. 

Did you know there is a larger problem here at play. It's hard enough for our firm to convince transplant vendors, OPOs, and transplant hospitals that their most efficient option to filling important vacancies is through us. A recent report done by Harvard Business School, goes into depth about why it is so hard to find and keep staff, and more specifically why process of matching job seekers to available openings has been limping along. According to the paper, while the research turns up a litany of issues, most of the blame falls on companies' recruiting practices, particularly due to specific job descriptions and automated hiring software that unnecessarily screens out many qualified candidates. Jobs in organ transplant should not be left up to computer code. At Transplant Recruiters, we can instantly provide you with qualified candidates within a moments notice vs you hoping the algorithm used to write the hiring program isn't excluding valuable candidates. You may be using a cloud based 3rd party vendor, or your own software, but no matter what system you've honed in on, nothing is as effective as a human person with transplant experience filling your vacancies.

A Wall St Journal piece by Katherine Dill goes onto explain the software programs hiring managers are using excludes 10s of Millions of candidates yearly. While automation is great in the corporate world, something as important and vital to the lives of those waiting on organ transplant should not be solely relied upon an algorithm or server. Thanks to these systems, millions of resumes are tossed because of gaps in employment history, or other "problems" that aren't really problems at all says HBS.

Lead Harvard researcher Joseph Fuller "cited examples of hospitals scanning resumes of registered nurses for 'computer programming,' when what they need is someone who can enter patient data into a computer. 

In closing, smaller institutions with a manageable number of positions to fill may want to automate less of the process. It may take longer to screen resumes by hand but using Transplant Recruiters, Inc saves you from struggling to fill the position for weeks or months. Time is money, and most importantly those on the waiting list do not have time on their side.


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